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Girl Travel Tours is offering virtual tours 

Check out our scheduled virtual tours here

Looking for a private virtual tour for your group? 

Contact Marah to discuss scheduling a private tour.


Girl Travel Tours offers three types of physical tours:

  • Girl Tours - open to girls and their families and friends (including brothers and dads)

    • ​GTT sends local Girls on educational, service-learning trips all over the world.  This unique program works to help deepen its Girl understanding of other cultures, develop new perspectives on local and global issues, and strengthen leadership skills necessary for global citizenship.  Through hands-on work with sustainable service projects and exposure to local culture, Girls learn vital collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.  They return from their service-learning tours with new friends, new skills, fresh insight into themselves, and a sense of empowerment to make a difference. (View all upcoming tours)

  • Adult-only Tours (including women and men)

    • Adults need their fun too! GTT offers adult-only tours for like-minded travelers who love to learn, have fun, and live by the girl scout law!​ (View all upcoming tours)

  • Family-friendly Tours 

    • GTT offers family-friendly tours for travelers who love to learn, have fun. These tours are good for families who like to travel with expert guides and like-minded travelers who live by the girl scout law!​ (View all upcoming tours)



Marah Walsh

Group Leader

As a Tour Group Leader to girls, families, and adults, I am so grateful to see so many travelers expand their minds and develop a global perspective. Knowing that the physical journey of the travel experience influences who you are and leaves lasting impressions on your life’s journey is invaluable and that is why I encourage you, your friends, and your girls to jump at the opportunity to travel with us.

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